by Beat Noir

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Our first LP. Songs about insurmountable distance - physical, emotional, spiritual - the courage to confront it; the failure to face it; the futility in either approach; the weight it places on us.

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released January 15, 2014

Mark Allin - guitar
Duffer Black - guitar
Timmy Chandler - bass
Colin Duerrstein - drums

Carl Steinhauser played all keyboard instruments.

Recorded October 2013 at Slanty House. Pat Simms engineered, mixed, and mastered.



all rights reserved


Beat Noir Kitchener, Ontario

Milton/Kitchener punk, 2009-2016. Thanks for everything.

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Track Name: Présentation
No lyrics.
Track Name: Song for Passivity
You told me you wanted to know something that you never heard me say. I said before we met I got pretty close to running away on a train, but my feet clung to my place. I watched a girl sing she was untouchable while her hair brushed on my cheeks. I got scared and I threw up right at the show, and cried about it for weeks. I let the moment pass. Because the story of my life is all the romance I don't go out and find.
Track Name: Nicky Driscoll
Train station pictures of the kids gone missing, did you see their faces or just read the descriptions? Are they wearing the same clothes, would they even still fit them? Some kids have been gone since 1996, if you saw them now would there be any recognition? Our faces change in ways we can't predict. Those kids are dead, why won't their parents just admit it? I remember when those Catholic boys crashed that night; I couldn't help but think of a beautiful youth, crystallized. White crosses mark the spot they died, but nowhere to show where they truly felt alive. Just another couple dead kids.
Track Name: Deathwish
I guess I found myself face to face with a ghost haunting my old bedroom in my parents' home. I started to see them everywhere, walking through walls where doors used to be. It always makes me wonder what will become of me. Maybe I'll cling to life in the warmth of young ash. Maybe I'll be deep in the ground where no god can save me and I've found comfort in that. Maybe I'll grow into a tree, so mighty and so tall. Maybe I'll be just another carbon shadow burned into the wall next to you. But the world is full of sad ghosts and I don't want to be one of them.
Track Name: Muscle Memory
I remember names we used to trade, or bonds we'd formed with little turns of phrase. We'd consecrate every place in our history, obscuring our mistakes. And now the words we used before, we don't say them anymore. I know the shape my mouth made but I'm not sure what for. And all our nouns and adjectives, they're like a dead language. I don't want to lose what all those words meant. I remember chords my fingers used to form. I'd lie down on my old bedroom floor and try to find more. Now my strings rust to the core. We'll find new sounds just like we swore.
Track Name: Nom de guerre
Tell me your nom de guerre or your nom de plume. We've grown up together and I know nothing about you. We're all so used to staying at arm's length using disguises so oblique and arcane. What's made me so afraid to say "I need you here, just keep me from my disdain"? Red in front of me and gold beside me, a thousand people I know I'll never meet. I watch blinking lights depart bound for every distant place, but you still feel like the furthest from me.
Track Name: Collages
Amidst these machines I see people, behind us in pictures. Their mouths closed, their eyes bleary, their hair unkempt, they hang off each other in a last ditch attempt to be seen. Terrified, unlike you. I don't know how you're always so resolute about those secrets we keep. Like storms that I sat through, time spent watching you sleep. Distance, time and protection. The safety we glean from our years spent letting the edges yellow and curl. From here it seems like we were happy, the world moves around us, we're static. Our smiles a façade for our friends, our facts are what's public, our secrets well-kept. Collages don't show everything. I know we looked most like ourselves when no one was watching.
Track Name: Sheltered Town/Bitter Sea
You grew up in a sheltered town. It felt hidden, so you turned inward while your neighbours turned around. When I met you in school, you were cloaked in distrust. I'd try talking to you on our field-trip bus back from the city, but you had your walls put up just like that sheltered town you came from. You didn't need anyone. I'd sit some nights and watch a bitter sea swell up in your eyes. It's the sea I came from and where I'll return when I die. In your reflection in glass I learned what heartbreak means, under fluorescent lights next to a blank TV screen. I'd wait patiently willing you to look back at me. A sheltered town, a bitter sea.
Track Name: Ancienne gloire
I stood alone in a pioneer cemetery on a cold day in the shadow of an escarpment peak, and I know it was holy. I found myself on an abandoned playground at 25 and 17 side road, and I know it was a refuge. But like the old farmhouse on the grounds at my work, once draped in bunting, patriot colours, all these places lose their meaning when there's no one left believing in what they could be. Like those dinosaur bones and your amber hair, they're all just fading away. Greyscale memories.
Track Name: The Wars
All these days are just the wars we fight, the little struggles to get to the nights when we grapple with the things we decide. Decisions made in efforts to survive. Survival imitating our young lives. Still we're pushing the same old pieces around on a map in a harsh-lit room, waiting for someone to make the first move. Waiting for these fragile bodies that we've grown to trust to be broken, to betray us. All these days are just the wars we fight, so keep your secrets locked up tight, don't let them see how we strive for something more than our brief lives. In each other we will never die. So never stop feeling the pain. Wear your bruises and your scars like moral emblems in these wars. Survive. Every day that you're alive is a source of pride when these wars are just the days going by.
Track Name: Song for Movement
Unbearably light. I'm growing into the weight that'll make me old. Soon enough I'll be able to shoulder the load alone. with that comes the fear that we won't stay gold. You and me, we'd take the long way around the block and end up on the other side of town. Later we'll end up in different lives, with guilty minds for not being side by side through it all. We wound up with this gap 100 miles wide. We should have seen it coming. Because I remember your eyes when you said "man, we're stuck here", and I remember my stomach when I realized I didn't feel the same but I didn't have the guts to say it. You smoked and told me it's an okay thing to be, but I'm still not sure I meant it when I agreed. 'Cause god damn, I hope you get unstuck from that hole in the ground in that dying town we're from.