Ascetic Parade​/​Beat Noir split 7"

by Beat Noir

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Ascetic Parade approached us about doing a split 7-inch. We had just played our first show in several months, and the first ever with Patrick on drums, and were feeling good about getting things with the band moving, so we agreed to it. We recorded it at Brad Cousins' house in Kilbride, with Pat Simms engineering.


released February 1, 2011

Mark Allin - Bass, Vocals
Duffer Black - Guitar, Vocals
Scott Juniper - Guitar
Patrick McEachnie - Drums


tags: punk Kitchener


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Beat Noir Kitchener, Ontario

Milton/Kitchener punk, 2009-2016. Thanks for everything.

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Track Name: Mine
A few days spent in bed, thoughts running through my head. Something must be wrong. So wrong. I don't wanna sleep again, my dreams become nightmares when all we've worked for has reached the end. Hello my friend of long, two pints of medicine to correct the wrongs. A sip to forget the past, another to make this last. As morning breaks I lie there still awake. My mind's in a state of emergency with no one here to aid me. And who am I to blame? I distanced myself again. On the outside I feel the same but emotions remain bottled in. This stress is self-inflicted, a catalyst to my own demise aided by liquid for the insides. So please, more drinks to consume my thoughts where there's room. With no warning, I'll be out 'til morning, and replay this day again. To replay this day again.
Track Name: Yours
All that's left of me is scribbled graffiti in all my old desks, and even that's fading. Is that a mark to leave? Is it enough to say 'I was here', and return to the earth quickly without complaint, a shadow across the stage? Or can we all mean something? Spring forth howling as young wolves, ready to start living and making our imprints? Yeah, I get discouraged sometimes and think all that's worthless, and sometimes life sucks, but I'd give anything to relive it. Because there's so much about how I feel right now that I wish I could keep forever. I left my teenage years behind me but I hope I never have to leave that fever. Because things keep changing, and I'm changing too. It's like leaving an old life, but wanting a souvenir or something to remember it through. I can't stop time and I can't go back, but if I do this right now, maybe I can make all the things that matter last. So here's what I'm thinking: I'm gonna string my shoelaces up, and I'm gonna throw my sneakers high above the power wires, 'cause I'm feeling inspired. They'll be just like you and me, holding hands watching over this town when we're not around. I'm gonna gather up all my friends, and we're gonna sing these songs together, and it doesn't matter if we wake up all my neighbours cause we're just letting everyone know we're here. We're alive.